Not a Groupon Massage - This Massage Deal is Better!

No insurance benefits? Benefits ran out? Self Employed? Perfect. We have an amazing cheap massage promo just for you!

What if there is a place that offers $80/hr for massages? We know. We know. Without health coverage it’s still hard to incorporate massage therapy as part of your health regimen. Especially at a spa in downtown Calgary.

What if there is a place that offers $75/hr for a massage? Hmm, what’s the catch for this low price you ask? Now this offer sounds too good to be true.

You may ask yourself…What’s wrong with this massage? Why is this massage so cheap? Are they cutting corners? Bait and switch no doubt? Must be a one-time offer only. Nope! Keep reading there’s more…

The low, really low promotion price has not even been disclosed yet. Keep reading to see what the price is and what else is in store. Your jaw just might drop!

Cheap massage in Calgary

Now, what if I told you your massage will still provide the exact same experience you've come to expect from Exige. That it comes with all of the bells and whistles... For just $69.99 (+gst).


. . . We're not done, there's More !

What if the massage also includes Thai Yoga stretches, should you want it? You can have any of the following massages at no additional charge. Yes, one price for all of your favorite massage preferences, no massage coupon needed!

So what is the price for 60 mins massage in the heart of downtown Calgary? I mean this is premium location and next to Crescent Heights, Eau Claire, East Village, Sunnyside and Bridgeland. Any other massage centres and wellness places in these areas are pricey.

Even at $75/hour, it is still a relatively cheap massage price that one could indulge in on a monthly basis. And still have enough left over to pay rent, food, bills and still have a social life.

Here at Exige, we offer the same all inclusive added-on services that you read about above – We are known for including awesome added-on perks at no extra cost.

We are also known for giving amazing, inexpensive massages with the highest level of service in the massage therapy industry.

You see, prior to joining our team, all therapists are retrained by Dr. Amanda. All of our massage therapists undergo a 4 day intensive training. Therapist are generally ready and well versed within a month.

During that time, Dr.Amanda instructs everyone in her Eastern and Western healing modalities. Exige is all about natural healing with the spa experience.

We really wanted to make ongoing massage therapy affordable for everyone. Hopefully, more people can take advantage and incorporate this as part of their health regimen. You no longer need health insurance to enjoy the Exige experience.

We know what it’s like to want to live healthier, manage stress more effectively, ease aches and pain from the long hours at the office, and most importantly, self-care for the long term.

Listen, I don’t need to tell you $69.99/hr* is a bargain. I think you’ll agree that life is looking a whole lot better! Best of all, you’re still getting the exact same quality and pampering experience!

The massage deal is available for the following services:

You don’t need insurance benefits to experience the most amazing Swedish massage or hot stones massage in Calgary. If you are looking for the “best student massage” experience and don’t want to wait or hunt down the next “Groupon massage” promotion (ain’t nobody got time for that).

Than you owe yourself to give us a try…And remember, this service still qualifies for our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We have the most affordable and lowest promotion rate for you – this includes our “combo massage”. What is combo massage? Well, it’s our most requested treatment, let me walk you through it.

Who needs combo massage? Anyone with a busy and active lifestyle. Life happens and combine that with long work hours and constraints. When you’re at the desk all day with deadlines and family responsibilities to attend to, it’s hard to find any time for self-care.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could go to a yoga class on your behalf, but you reap the benefits? Could someone please work on proper posture and breathing or nap and you can enjoy the health rewards while saving time? Technology is not quite there yet to make this possible; however, at Exige Medi Spa, we might have a winning solution for you.

When Dr. Amanda gets into her “research” mode, she is at the desk for hours and hours and days at a time. Those achy muscles from repetitive moves sitting at the desk.

Lower and upper back hurts from poor posture, shallow breathing from compressed rib cage and sciatica nerve is acting up. I’m sure you can relate to her. Who, but who could spare 2 hours to stretch and do yoga and self-massage?

One hour for massage and one hour for yoga? Not likely, right? From her aches and pain, she developed the balance of both world to deliver what modern men and women need.

What if you can reap the best results from both worlds – therapeutic massage and Thai yoga stretches, in one hour? Walk out feeling like you’ve grown an inch or two taller from Traditional Thai/Yoga Massage. You will feel less tense, thanks to your oxygenated blood running through your body.

At Exige Medi Spa, we have mastered this service, also known as Combo Massage, like no other. Trust us, there are imitation, we see them being introduced at other spa and wellness; however, we are the real deal. Exige Medi Spa is where Combo Massage originated.

Dr. Amanda works closely with a Traditional Thai Massage instructor from Thailand to train all our registered massage therapists. Then they go through additional training under her supervision to insure quality and knowledge is top notch. Spoiler alert, this is our MOST requested and in high demand massage.  

The first part of your massage consists of therapeutic treatment of the muscle tissue, to work out the knots and increase blood circulation. Don’t be surprised to get that feeling of, “it hurts so good.” That’s us massaging your trigger points and breaking up the scar tissue. Once your body melts onto our massage table, your junior therapist will proceed onto the next phase.

This portion involves stretching your ligaments and tendons. Loosening your joints and increasing oxygen concentration into the fascia and nervous system. It is described as a “reboot of your brain”. The experience is like having your own yoga instructor who’s a massage therapist, one-on-one and all to yourself. Imagine that? Saving you time and reaping benefits from massage therapy and yoga stretches.

This massage has been referred to “a rich person’s yoga session”. Why? Your therapist does all the yoga poses to your body, while you relax or sleep. That’s right, take a nap. Drift away and let us cater to you massage and yoga well-being. This is a must experience and that’s why it is an Exige trademark service. It’s our MOST requested massage booking for many reasons.  

What else is included in your heavily discounted massage? Just the price; however, the services and premium quality stay the same. Over $150 worth of added on services are still part of in the heavily discounted price. Hot stones to melt away your stresses – included at no additional charge.

Cupping to address knots and scar tissues – included at no additional charge. Premium coconut oil, the next best thing to your own body oil – included at no additional charge.


*Student massage therapists undergo the same comprehensive training by Dr. Amanda, as all of our senior therapists. The only difference is our senior therapists have been working at Exige Medi Spa for over 2 years or have been in the massage therapy industry for a minimum of 2 years. 

But remember, everyone starts as a junior therapist and eventually earn their senior status after 2 years of full time work experience. 

All prices quoted do not include good old GST.

So rest assured, you are in great hands with our junior Therapists. Enjoy the same standard of service you've come to expect from Exige Medi Spa at the discounted price of just $69.99 (+ GST).

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