Regular Parking Rates in effect (starting 03/01/2022):

Free parking ended on February 28 2022.

As of March 1st, The City of Calgary re-instated fees for parking in Lot 9888 (lot next to our building).

We, the core downtown businesses, have petitioned for the continuation of the 2 Hours free parking and encouraged customers to sign the online petition to achieve that goal.

Unfortunately, not many expressed interest in helping us maintain the free parking.

Please be aware that we can no longer afford to incur the costs associated with parking.

Starting 03/01/2022, clients are responsible for paying their own parking fee.

That being said, Exige and other Chinatown businesses are in discussions with The City to bring back the 2 Hours free parking.  We are hopeful that they will.

Until such time, please be aware that parking fees are in effect.

City of Calgary Parkplus Lot #888 – 109 Riverfront Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0B3.

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109 Riverfront Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0B3

parking Lot 888 - Exige Medi Spa


The spa is located inside Broadview Garden (mini mall). Head towards the right once inside.

Mall Entrance - spa located at back

Just walk up the stairs of the mini mall, through the main doors and continue walking towards the back (stay on the right hand-side). You will see our reception counter (white brick).

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Our main parking lot (Parkplus) is accessible via Riverfront Avenue

The parking lot is provided by the City of Calgary (Parkplus), parking lot 888 (zone 9888) is located at 109 Riverfront Ave S.E. (Chinatown).

The lot is accessed through Riverfront Avenue, patrons have 50 stalls to choose from. Pay machines can be found on the North (entrance) and South West corner (2 Ave) of the lot.

Alternatively if you you cannot find any parking in lot 888. You may also park on the street – Riverfront Avenue. Across the street you will find additional parking lots managed by Impark.

spa parking stalls - birds eye view


spa parking stalls - close up