• Are you suffering from LOWER BACK PAIN?
  • Is your NECK PAIN getting the best of you?
  • Are you experiencing HEADACHES?
  • Do you have SCIATIC NERVE pain in your leg?
  • Are you feeling a lot of tension in your SHOULDERS?
  • Are you under a lot of STRESS and ANXIETY?

Acupuncture is literally a spa experience at EXIGE! Your acupuncturist starts your treatment with hot stones to relax any muscle tension and tightness. Depending on the treatment, it is often followed by acupressure massage to activate your body’s natural healing process. Along with aromatherapy, coconut oil, and finally acupuncture to induce your body into natural healing. Experience a spa like acupuncture treatment like none other!

Dr. Amanda has developed over the years, her own unique foot massage technique. Your therapist will stimulate various pressure sensors in the foot, triggering a relaxation response throughout your body. Reflexology encourages good health, promotes relaxation, ease of pain and discomfort, it is an effective way in detoxing the body and is conducive to an overall state of well being. Your feet will never feel better!

During your treatment, your massage therapist will address a plethora of issues that might be causing discomfort, pain and tight muscles. To maximize the efficacy of your session we utilize Hot Stones, Mineral Heating Lamp, Acupressure and Bamboo stick. Our treatments are so effective that we effectively address postural distortions resulting from tight muscles. We offer some of the best Deep tissue, Sport, Relaxation, Swedish massage Calgary has to offer!

Thai Massage is different from many Western forms of massage in that there is no oil used, the therapist uses a mattress on the floor, you remain completely clothed throughout the session (we provide loose fitting Thai wear). It is such a unique and different approach from what we typically think of as “massage” that it is best described as having someone “do yoga onto you”. This is a perfect solution to improve range of motion and joint tightness.

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* 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

What if the pressure is not to your liking? What if you like the therapist’s technique? What if you don’t like the spa? Whatever it is don’t stress, at Exige Medi Spa we’ve got you covered. If within the FIRST HALF HOUR of your treatment, you are not happy for whatever reason, simply let your therapist know, and your 30 minute massage is FREE!

We are one of the only spa in the health sector offering our clients 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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