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Massage Therapy

During your treatment, your massage therapist will address a plethora of issues that might be causing discomfort, pain and tight muscles. To maximize the efficacy of your session we utilize Hot Stones, Mineral Heating Lamp, Acupressure and Bamboo stick. Our treatments are so effective that we effectively address postural distortions resulting from tight muscles. We offer some of the best Deep tissue, Sport, Relaxation, Swedish massage Calgary has to offer!


Acupuncture is literally a spa experience at EXIGE! Your acupuncturist starts your treatment with hot stones to relax any muscle tension and tightness. Depending on the treatment, it is often followed by acupressure massage to activate your body's natural healing process. Along with aromatherapy, coconut oil, and finally acupuncture to induce your body into natural healing. Experience a spa like acupuncture treatment like none other!

Foot Massage

Dr. Amanda has developed over the years, her own unique foot massage technique. Your therapist will stimulate various pressure sensors in the foot, triggering a relaxation response throughout your body. Reflexology encourages good health, promotes relaxation, ease of pain and discomfort, it is an effective way in detoxing the body and is conducive to an overall state of well being. Your feet will never feel better!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is different from many Western forms of massage in that there is no oil used, the therapist uses a mattress on the floor, you remain completely clothed throughout the session (we provide loose fitting Thai wear). It is such a unique and different approach from what we typically think of as “massage” that it is best described as having someone “do yoga onto you". This is a perfect solution to improve range of motion and joint tightness.

We specialize in customized “à la carte” massage treatments!

Every time you come to Exige, we provide you with a “menu” card.  You may choose the; type of massage, tempo, pressure, focus area, timed areas as well as our complimentary upgrades. Your massage is tailored specifically to your needs, on that day, every day!

We are committed to providing massages custom tailored to your needs…We’ll never take your needs for granted.

12 Upgrades Included FREE!

Each treatment comes with 12 additional services (addons). But the best part is, we include them at no additional cost! Yep… You heard that right. Simply pick the extras you want to incorporate into your treatment (combined real world value of $150+)!

Treatments Qualify for Insurance Benefits

All therapists are registered massage therapists – RMT with a minimum of 3000 hours. Additionally, practitioners under go additional training provided by Dr. Amanda. Your masseuse is only allowed to massage you once they successfully learn and apply her technique.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

* 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

What if the pressure is not to your liking? What if you like the therapist’s technique? What if you don’t like the spa? Whatever it is don’t stress, at Exige Medi Spa we’ve got you covered. If within the FIRST 30 mins of your treatment, you are not happy for whatever reason, simply let your therapist know, and your 30 minutes massage is FREE!

Consider it a gift from us, as a way of saying thank you for trying our all inclusive pampering experience!

We are one of the only spa in the health sector offering our clients 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Now that we’ve made this your easiest decision yet. Remember, all you have to do is stop your massage within the first 30 minutes and you will not be charged. So don’t delay and come experience a massage at Exige. Call/Text today (403) 9188936 .

Experience the difference today!

What Customers Are Saying About Exige

Located in downtown Calgary:

#1 recommended spa on Tripadvisor !

Dear Guests,

First and foremost, thank you for visiting our site today!

Has this ever happened to you before (It happens to the best of us)?

You show up for a massage and upon receiving the massage, you realize, “This is going to be an awful experience!” The massage therapist couldn’t get the pressure right.

The technique is not relaxing. The experience is…well, let’s just say you can’t wait for the massage to be over.

On top of that, you dread the idea of paying for this subpar service. What a waste of my hard earned money and time!

The truth is, most people can relate to this scenario, including me. I can relate to this nightmare all too well. When I book for massages, locally or internationally, this scenario crosses my mind and creates anxiety.

I remember saying aloud in Paris, France, in Casablanca, Morocco and again in Vancouver after receiving sub-par massages, “I wish there was a way to prevent these disappointing experiences.”

However, those disappointments turn into motivators.

I want to do something about this industry. I vow to solve this nightmare and promise it will never happen to anyone when you visit us, at Exige Medi Spa.

How can I ensure this fuming disappointment will never happen to you? How are we different? What measures will I take to eliminate this costly, time wasting, and stressful epidemic experience for you? Epidemic proportion because the massage therapy industry is doing nothing about it.

The same archaic practices have not changed in decades – until now. (Read on to see how our Exige Team bucks the trend and the industry is not liking what we’re offering to you).

Imagine, what if… what if we hold health care providers accountable by backing up their services with customer satisfaction guaranteed? What if the massage therapy industry offers that?

Imagine your massage treatments come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Have you ever heard of this offer? Which massage therapist does this?

At Exige Medi Spa, we are the ONLY massage therapy provider to offer it. You are reading that right. We have 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. How does it work?

We eliminate the risk of coming in for massage therapy with us and/or trying a new massage therapist. We know it’s an anxious experience, so we remove the risk.

We are so confident with our massage therapy protocols and talented registered massage therapists that we issue 100% customer satisfaction.

For whatever reason, you are not satisfied with our services, we won’t charge. We give you the first 30 minutes of your massage time to familiarize with our therapists and massage technique and if we don’t meet your massage expectations within that 30 min, stop the massage and we won’t charge.

That’s how confident we are in providing the best massage therapy services in Calgary.

It really is a Tripled Guarantee:

  1) It is truly Risk-Free – We remove the financial risk for trying us out.

  2) Health Care Leaders – We introduce and elevate the accountability to health care providers. Simply put, “If we can address your condition in 1 or 2 sessions then that’s our goal!” There’s no “packages” or “stages” or prolonging your symptoms for the sake of boosting re-book rate and/or revenue stream.

  3) 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – Don’t like our massage therapist’s technique? No problem. Don’t like the open concept decor? No problem. Whatever it is, stop the massage within the first 30 min window and let us know. We can part ways and at no cost and no risk to you. We are the only establishment to offer this king of guarantee.

Now that we have hopefully eased any anxiety, conveniently book your next appointment here.

If you’re still wondering, “What else is Exige Medi Spa about?” Be sure to read our “Spa Services Tab” to learn more about our your BONUSES: over $150 worth of added-on services available to pick from – at no additional charge! Yup, over $150 worth of services that are part of each and every massage treatment.

Once again, we have indeed revolutionized the massage therapy industry to better serve you!

If you’d like to see the breakdown of all our amazing “no charge” included add-ons (Click here).

To check out all of our services go here. Your body will thank you.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Amanda Diep

P.S. Although plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery (it seems a few spas decided to “knock off” our layout, design, theme and decor. They have also “cut and pasted” our content to make themselves look like Exige Medi Spa.

We do apologize for any confusion, lease know that we are not affiliated with any other location.

Always look for our logo and only book your appointments from this website.

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