Natural Healing With The Spa Experience

Traditional Thai Massage – For Improved Flexibility

…is an ancient Ayurvedic practice designed to balance and increase energy flow throughout the body.

This particular type of therapeutic massage is different from many Western forms, in that there is no oil used during the treatment and you remain completely clothed throughout (we provide loose fitting clothing).

Our Thai spa specializes in, Northern style and Southern style treatments.

NORTHERN THAI STYLE:  is done on a massage table and incorporates more yoga like stretching movements.

SOUTHERN THAI STYLE:  is performed on a mat on the floor and incorporates trigger points into your treatment.

Also referred to as “Thai yoga”, this type of massage consists of large flowing movements and extended stretches where the therapist assists you throughout the session. Having someone helping you execute and hold these movements, allows for better stretches with greater relief.

But This is My First Time…Am I ok to give it a go?

If this is your very first time experiencing this Thai treatment, our skilled registered practitioners will; run through a preliminary assessment and determine, amongst other things, your range of motion, joint health as well as flexibility level.

Throughout the session the therapist will use their weight, strength, thumbs, fingers, feet, arms and elbows and even knees to activate the body’s various pressure points.

It is such a unique and different approach from what we typically think of a “massage”. It is often described as having someone

“do yoga onto you”.

It is an invigorating treatment and a great solution to improve your range of motion, address joint tightness and is an effective form of general preventative health care.

Thai massage can also be done on the massage table, incorporating Thai stretches in your massage. This treatment offers a nice passive way to incorporate the benefits of stretching into your life.

With all the muscle strengthening benefits of stretches, it can be a great asset in creating the strong, lean body you want. Our Thai massage is ideally suited for injury prevention, while toning the body and helping the body flush out toxins. It will also help increase energy levels, maintain healthy muscles and facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Allow our Thai massage experts to create a soothing and healing experience that has been described as meditation in motion. Each movement is rhythmic and has a purposeful flow allowing you to connect with your body.

Exige offers the most experienced Thai therapists with all the qualifications to help you unlock your inner yogi.

Looking for an effective alternative medicine solution try acupuncture.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As we continuously endeavor to exceed our clients expectations along with our strong belief in the quality of our services. We wish to extend to all of our clients the following industry leading Guarantee: If within the FIRST HALF HOUR of your treatment you are not happy with your treatment, simply tell your therapist, you will be free to go and you will not be charged for the service!

Your half hour treatment is on us!

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