What is EXIGE ?

Exige is a French word and although English doesn’t provide a “word” equivalent, it means “to demand” and to us it specifically means “to demand and expect the best”.


At Exige Medi Spa, we remain true to that definition and we apply it to each and every patient. We endeavour to deliver the ultimate natural healing spa experience whether through massage therapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine or natural remedy treatments. 

Our highly trained massage therapists, acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors are committed to excellence and take pride in delivering the finest service in a beautiful, Zen environment.

We are leaders in natural health care, known for our luxury touch.


We strive to create new standards and be the leader in this industry. Our holistic and rejuvenating environment is purposefully and strategically designed to create positive energy that can be felt from the moment you set foot into the spa. 

Our staff continuously strives to go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns and to embrace transparency with how we communicate all facets of our treatment to each and every client. We take time to educate our clients on the long-term value of preventative care and on-going maintenance.

“Your treatment plan is created from multiple perspectives–that of a natural medicine doctor, personal trainer, dietary therapist, psychologist major, and international fitness competitor.”

Our goal is to provide world-class service at extremely competitive prices, exceed expectations by over delivering, and most importantly, increase the vitality of each person who seek natural healing.

Our Philosophy:

Dr.Amanda Diep

Exige offers leading services and products to healthy living… expect the best, demand it, and do not compromise – this is EXIGE.

  Dr.Amanda Diep BCom., T.C.M.D., P.T.S., Program Chair at Cambrooks College Tossing and turning at night? Neck and back pain? Stress affecting your quality of life? Weight gain decreasing your energy, productivity and self-esteem?

I can help you and your loved ones. I’m Dr.Amanda Diep T.C.M.D. I’ve been practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, and fitness in Calgary, Alberta for over a decade.

Prior to becoming a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, my journey began as a Youth Program Worker, working with immigrated teenagers struggling with the law and adjusting to their new lives in Canada. After working in the not for profit sector for a number of years, I returned to university to obtain my Bachelor degree in Business. Upon graduating, I articled with one of the most reputable international chartered accounting firms.

While working as an auditor, I saw the need for a healthy and balanced lifestyle (working 14 hour days will do that to you!), motivated me to obtain a Personal Trainer certification. Upon finishing my certification and working as a personal trainer, I pursued a designation as a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor (T.C.M.D.), specializing in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Although T.C.M.D. programs are five years in duration, I completed mine in three years. My clinic hours comprised of treating patients locally and for two months, I travelled abroad to Vietnam and worked at a local hospital. To my surprise, health concerns were vividly different. I observed and investigated further to find that it’s nutrition that also contributed to the drastic changes in health concerns.

During my intern ship abroad and upon returning to Canada, I further enhanced my qualifications by focusing on herbal diet therapy. My research and overwhelming positive results pushed me to explore the limits in the one arena where nutrition played a vital role and that opportunity presented itself in the form of competing, in the fitness industry.

Nutrition and exercise play key roles in the fitness industry, but adding my experience of herbal dietary supplements and nutrition from a doctor’s perspective, could I keep up with the top 3% of the population? Will I have an advantage? How would I compare to others who have ‘mastered’ and honed this field?   I tried the conventional way first in May 2007 after all I have never ‘diet’ before. Upon entering my first competition, I won overall and obtained my professional bikini model status.

Beginner’s luck? Maybe or was it because I was already ahead of the game healing myself with Chinese Medicine? I was now determined to see how my findings along with diet, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and exercise would affect my results competing on National and International levels.   Entering into a bigger and more competitive association, I placed first Provincially with the Alberta Bodybuilding Association( ABBA).

Excited and eager to apply more of my knowledge and exercise, I staged at Nationals with the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) and placed top three, Nationally! The greatest adventure of my fitness and health career is about to kick it up another notch, the prestigious and renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic sent an invitation for me to compete on their stage and represent Canada! 

In March 2010, I represented my country and competed with women all over the world, keeping in mind I was the oldest competitor and one of two Canadians to be invited for this category, I was honored and curious if my strategy will give me the competitive edge, internationally.

I placed 7th out of 41 competitors! A proud moment, but I was determined to tweak and fine tune my skills and knowledge even more.   Stepping away from the competition world for the last couple of years, I have developed a healing system combining acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, herbal and vitamin supplements, as well as dietary therapy and training programs.

I have coached and trained competitors to compete on stage, designed nutrition plans for triathlon and marathon athletes, prepared training and nutrition programs, as well as treated injuries for a UFC Champion as he prepared for his title fight. My clients and patients also include moms and dads who seek solutions for issues such as increasing energy, minimizing stress, healing from injuries, diminishing pain, improving physical health to increasing their quality of life and more.

As of 2013, due to my practice in Calgary over the last ten years, expertise and experience as a personal trainer, acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Cambrooks College sought my knowledge and innovative methodology as their Program Chair.

I embraced this opportunity to share health and business information, as well as fitness and nutrition experiences to future healers and practitioners, to care for the public as well as themselves.   As you can tell, health and natural healing comes naturally for me. It is my passion; it is my being.

The next natural progression, with ease and flow is the creation of Exige. Exige takes the art of healing and the Zen of Spa, hybrid the two energies together to deliver “Natural Healing With the Spa Experience.” We are your natural healing experts.

Welcome to over five thousand years of research in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture – delivered to you, in a twenty first century ambiance. Welcome to Exige…“Natural healing with the spa experience!”

– Dr.Amanda Diep BSc., BCom., P.T., T.C.M.D., R.M.T., Program Chair of Cambrooks College Click on this link to follow Dr.Amanda Diep.

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