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Cupping Combined With Massage

Yes! We are thrilled to include cupping therapy (Hijima) into your next treatment at... !

The main objective of cupping is to draw and increase blood circulation to a specific area on the body.

The treatment is very complementary to our massages, and it is proven to help with back pain, muscle tightness, neck stiffness, stress and tiredness. So all in all, the treatment is ideally suited for easing conditions where mental or physical strain causes aches and pains.

Rather than using  the more traditional fire and glass cup, our registered massage therapists use high grade pliable silicone cups. For the safety of our clients, we opted to use these, as they are more hygienic, are easier to sanitize, offer better contact on even surfaces (such as bony areas), and are much less likely to pop off when moved along muscle fibers.

Also, therapists get a much clearer view of the skin and are able to gauge how the tissue responds to the amount of cupping suction. By having better control of the cups, it is easier to prevent deep pink spots due to pooling.

It is also an effective therapeutic treatment option as it allows for a smooth and flowing cupping massage to reduce tension in the fascia and the muscles.

You now have something in common with Hippocrates. If the father of medicine says it's good for you, than it's good for you!

If, or when a cup falls, don’t worry as it is expected (depending on the application, we tend to move them about quite a bit). The therapist will quickly put it back on and continue the treatment.

A truly unique benefit of cupping therapy, includes the ability to suck or pull rather than always push into muscle tissue. The treatment improves recovery time around joints or areas with generally poor blood circulation, but may require several treatments (speak to your therapist for more information).

We would be remiss if we didn’t suggest you try our amazing deep tissue massage

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