Relieve Stress and Tension Headaches

Scalp Massage combined with acupuncture treatment

  • Our unique Scalp Massage (a.k.a Head Massage) combines several different disciplines into your treatment.
  • If you are having difficulties falling asleep at night or could really use a power nap during work hours. Then this treatment has our highest recommendation. There is nothing quite like a scalp massage to shut your brain down!
  • Acupressure is applied to the scalp while integrating Western neurophysiology into the treatment. Our Head Massage methodology will put you into a deep state of relaxation, often times resulting in you falling completely asleep.
  • Very effective in treating acute and chronic central nervous system and endocrine system.
  • Works with the zones on the head – treats and prevents ailments, harmonizes the function of brain and body, as well as restore and strengthen the functions of the body, organs, and tissues.
  • If you are constantly thinking, solving problems or working in a high pace environment. Then our scalp massage can really help you manage your stress levels and provide effective relief.
Benefits: deep relaxation, stress management, prevent illness, strengthen immune system, increase energy, preserve youth, promote longevity, decrease stress and many more benefits.
If you are unsure or new to massage, then our relaxation massage is a great way to get started!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As we continuously endeavor to exceed our clients expectations along with our strong belief in the quality of our services. We wish to extend to all of our clients the following industry leading Guarantee:If within the FIRST HALF HOUR of your treatment you are not happy with your treatment, simply tell your therapist, you will be free to go and you will not be charged for the service!

Your half hour treatment is on us!