Natural Healing With The Spa Experience

Swedish Massage For Relaxing

Are you under more stress than usual? Do you feel your body loaded with tension? Then this treatment is for you!

  • During your therapeutic Swedish massage, your therapist will address a plethora of issues that could be causing you discomfort, pain and overall tightness throughout your body.
  • To maximize the efficacy of your session, we incorporate specialized techniques including acupressure to induce the body to heal and relax.
  • We use long, broad strokes to not only flush toxins, but also to increase blood circulation towards the heart. This is especially effective when your muscles are too sensitive and cannot handle the pressure of a regular massage. 

This is extremely effective following an extraneous physical activity (hiking, running, marathon). Your recovery time and soreness will improve significantly with our treatment!

Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep during your treatment… This actually happens quite often and it is indeed a very good thing (so don’t fight it). Because we only use light pressure on your tight and fatigued muscles. And as you reach a more profound level of calm, you may not fall completely asleep but rather sink into a deep state of relaxation as the brain reaches Theta brain waves.

Once you achieve this deeper state of relaxation, your body can heal, the mind can let go. We refer this state, as deep psychological relaxation and physiological regeneration.

Any tension or discomfort will naturally flow out from the body with each soothing stroke, your mind will be in a relaxed, meditative state. Regular relaxation massages help improve the circulatory system and is an excellent form of preventative care. If you frequently find yourself under a lot of stress (physical or mental), we encourage you to adopt a consistent, ongoing regimen to effectively neutralize the condition and prevent complications down the road.

Experience the healing and intuitive expertise of our registered massage therapists as they perform Swedish massage. The treatment will help you ease built up tension within your body and mind.

Let the healing hands of our skilled therapists pamper you from head to toe while you indulge in peaceful, quiet me-time and erase any stress or pain.

If you are looking for stretching and improved range of motion, then our tradition Thai massage is for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As we continuously endeavor to exceed our clients expectations along with our strong belief in the quality of our services. We wish to extend to all of our clients the following industry leading Guarantee: If within the FIRST HALF HOUR of your treatment you are not happy with your treatment, simply tell your therapist, you will be free to go and you will not be charged for the service!

Your half hour treatment is on us!

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