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Plantar Fasciitis and How Massage Therapy Can Help

At Exige Medi Spa, we focus on relieving fascia tightness that attaches itself to the bones. An effective treatment plan requires a PULL/SUCTION action rather than the more traditional push motion produced during a massage. This suction is applied to the feet arches, as well as the ankles.

Plantar Fasciitis has multiple causes:

We use “cupping” to help alleviate the condition – During your massage you may notice that some of the cups fall. This is due to your skin’s uneven surface, so pay no attention to this, as this is completely normal.

The therapist will simply reposition the cup back on; the cups will PULL and increase circulation to the affected area and release adhesion.

The therapist will also incorporate acupressure to the soles of the feet, from the toes to the ankles. Your treatment also includes hot stones and Japanese mint oil to help provide relief. Plantar fasciitis also responds well to a thorough calf and foot massage combined with trigger points.

Targeting the fascia in this manner can prove extremely effective in treating plantar fasciitis.

Please keep in mind that you will observe marks on the skin, this is due to the cupping (suction) – stimulating blood circulation to regions with poor blood flow. Effectiveness is based on what causes your condition. This is one approach to address plantar fasciitis in the event of adhesion of fascia.

Your treatment is performed in our premium, zero gravity massage chairs (3 in total). Feel free to enjoy the view of the Bow River out of our large bay windows, while listening to soothing music specifically selected to induce relaxation.

Please note that all foot massages are provided by a Registered Massage Therapist – RMT. As such, your appointment is always billed under “massage” and not “reflexology.”

If you do not suffer from this condition then our reflexology treatment is a must try!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As we continuously endeavor to exceed our clients expectations along with our strong belief in the quality of our services. We wish to extend to all of our clients the following industry leading Guarantee: If within the FIRST HALF HOUR of your treatment you are not happy with your treatment, simply tell your therapist, you will be free to go and you will not be charged for the service!

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