Dr. George Zhao Acupuncturist - Our new Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.

picture of Dr. George Zhao

Due to ongoing request by our esteemed clients, 4 years of searching and numerous candidate interviews. Exige Medi Spa is proud to announce that we have found a very talented doctor to add to our team.

We are excited and delighted to introduce our latest member to our clients. Dr. Zhao brings extensive knowledge and experience to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This man performed delicate eye surgeries in China...I couldn't have asked for a more qualified person!

Dr. Amanda, owner and TCMD of Exige Medi Spa & Instahair Clinic.

Prior to relocating to Canada (from China), Dr. George is an accomplished physician whom specialized as an ophthalmologist and performed cataract and retinal detachment surgeries. He earned a Master’s Degree from Shanxi Medical University in 2003 and was a surgeon at that very hospital from 2003 to 2012. Dr. George also taught university courses until 2012 and was also a faculty member teaching at Shanxi Medical University.

Dr. Zhao successful completed his Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture degree in China and Canada. He graduated  from  Calgary’s own “Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine” in August 2017. He is also a graduate of the North China Coal Medical University where he received a Medical Bachelor’s degree in July, 1997 (which includes his acupuncturist designation).

The doctor’s areas of strength focused primarily on post-stroke condition recovery, sports injury recovery, sub-health conditions, regulating balance of Yin and Yang, and boosting energy levels.

With 15 years of western medicine and surgery experience, Dr. George brings in-depth and extensive knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine to Exige Medi Spa. He will be delivering a similar technique and style as Dr. Amanda, Acu-Massage. Using a combination of T.C.M.D. and R.M.T. Dr. George focuses on determining and administering the best acupuncture treatment plan and also provides instructions for the massage therapist to follow. The treatment combines healing techniques that will optimize and maximize the benefits of your treatment.

Your acupuncturist and therapist will start the treatment with hot stones to help relax any muscle tension and tightness. Depending on the treatment needed, it is often followed by acupressure massage to activate your body’s natural healing process. Aromatherapy and coconut oil are also incorporated to further induce your body into a natural healing state. Unlike conventional acupuncture clinics, treatments are genuinely a spa experience at Exige Medi Spa.

Acupuncture is an ancient healing modality as old as 5000 years old that continues to be a popular treatment for healing the body and mind and natural health maintenance. Although one of the oldest healing modalities to exist, It is proven to effectively help with pain management, psychological health and overall physical wellness.

Considered a non-invasive treatment with minimal to no side effects, it treats many different ailments and issues such as migraines and head aches, anxiety, back and neck pain, digestive issues, sciatica nerve pinch, depression and sinus blockages just to name a few.

To experience the expertise of our new TCMD, Dr. George and all the benefits of Exige Medi Spa’s acupuncture treatment a.k.a Acu-Massage, please text or call  (403) 918-8936.

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As we continuously endeavor to exceed our clients expectations along with our strong belief in the quality of our services. We wish to extend to all of our clients the following industry leading Guarantee:

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