Weight training for women

Weight training for women featuring Dr. Amanda“Weight training for women can be scary and challenging at times, so I shy away from it. I don’t want to get bulky and end up looking like a man. Please help Doc…What is a girl to do?”

I get a lot of questions from women on this subject…Here’s my take it. Females will never get the same muscular development results the way males do (naturally anyway).

This is due to the hormone called testosterone. Even at the highest possible levels of production, females are still nowhere near the same levels to that of a man’s lowest secreted amount. Women can safely engage in any heavy lifting program, do no cardiovascular activities (aerobics) and load up with a high calorie diet. Ultimately, they will still have an extremely difficult, challenging and lengthy road ahead with little to no chance of reaching the kind of musculature attainable by men.

Instead of worrying about the male bulky look and how you might end up looking like one, focus on the many benefits to working out. Depending on your program regimen and goals, weight training for women includes so many benefits, that they far out way any possible down side. It is difficult for me to understand why women hesitate so much on the subject

Physical exercise will not only help your mental health, physical appearance, heart and lungs just to name a few. It will also help raise your basal metabolism, which allows you to burn more calories, more effectively and best of all…even while you’re sleeping or at rest. Start your day on the right foot and let your morning workout burn those calories consumed throughout the day!

Below includes a short list of the many benefits of exercise

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