We’re treating lower back pain all wrong?


As it turns out, going to your family doctor or chiropractor for lower back pain may not be the most effective way to deal with your condition. Could this be correct? Muscle relaxants, x-rays and adjustments are not the answer to your back pain? If these are not the answers than what is?


“We tend to view back pain as something serious,” he said, and so assume that rest and medication are the answer. And if it doesn’t get better, patients get x-rays or MRIs or get referred to orthopedic surgeons. “Ultimately most of those things are ineffective and they don’t reduce the long-term disability that is associated with back pain.”

Although this might feel counter intuitive the best course of action might be quite the opposite…

Although many people believe that bed rest or medication is what you should do when you have back pain, “We know that the best management is just the opposite: you don’t rest, you don’t become immobilized,” said Gross.

Dr. Gross recommends exercises and if you can’t get to them, at least perform some stretches to target the problem. What if you don’t have the time to do both? What if you don’t know what stretches to perform or perhaps you not sure how to execute them properly?


Exige Medi Spa introduced our now popular “Combo Massage” treatment –  we combine deep tissue massage with Thai Yoga stretches. We have been incorporating these stretches for the last 4 years with great results, Dr Gross findings support the effectiveness of stretching.


Most people don’t need an exercise program dedicated to their backs, he said. A general fitness program, with some additional simple stretches can help to prevent back pain or prevent it from returning. Exercise-wise, what’s most important is finding a program that you can stick to, said Gross.

Your combo massage starts out with deep tissue massage to relax the muscles and release tightness, then we follow with specific stretches as recommended by Dr. Gross . Clients are able to experience significant back pain relief following their treatment.


Alberta’s BackActive program offers lots of tips relating to exercise and back pain, too.


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