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Please read through the following information as it contains valuable information and will ensure a positive experience with us.

All Therapists are Registered Massage Therapists – R.M.T with 3000+ hours and are licensed with the city of Calgary. 

After every treatment, we will email you (at the email address you provided) your receipt so that you may submit it to your insurance for reimbursement.

Call (403) 918-8936 should this be the case and we can refer you to another wellness center to assist you with your health needs.


We Offer The Best Guarantee in the Industry:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

100% customer satisfaction guarantee:

If within the first 30 mins of your massage, you are not satisfied or happy for whatever reason, please notify your therapist, your treatment will end. And you will not be charged for your massage! 

We understand that pressure, tempo and technique may not be to your liking. This is our way of removing any risk or anxiety in making your decision!

Think of it as our way of saying thank you for taking the time to try us out!

Where to Park:

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We are a hidden gem located in downtown Calgary, Alberta (China town). Our spa is located just East of the Center Street bridge.

We are tucked away at the back of a mini mall – Broadview Garden, facing the Bow River, with an great view of Riverfront Ave and the River Walk pathway. Floor to ceiling glass allowing the natural sun and daylight to shine in. 

Please factor time to allow parking and locating us.

More information available here

Driving Direction Assistant:

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We Are a Quiet Spa (no talking once you enter):

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*Our space is open concept (go here to see pictures of the interior). Once you enter the spa, you are now in a quiet zone and that means you don’t have to carry a conversation with your massage therapist. How awesome is that? We designed this space to ensure it is all about you and your time to relax and be pampered. It’s all about Zen time for you… Just focus on your breathing!

We are more than happy to answer all of your questions, however, out of respect to other clients. Please make sure to ask them prior to entering the spa so as to not disrupt other ongoing massages. Treatments cannot be extended as the room and therapist need to be prepared (cleaned and sanitized) for the next client.

Should you have questions for your therapist prior to your appointment. We strongly encourage you to arrive 20 minutes early. A team member will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. Get your questions answered and avoid cutting into your treatment time –> Win Win!

No conversation and no cell phones once you enter the spa space. It’s all about “Me time” for you.

Like Upgrades...You're Gonna Love Your Upgrades!:

With every treatment you get $150 worth (combined value) of services at NO additional cost. These include;

Thai Massage - ThaiYogaMassage_B&W_BANNER

Everyone Talks About Your Combo Massage...What is it?

For COMBO MASSAGE – a blend of deep tissue and Traditional Thai yoga stretches, our experienced massage therapist will gauge your tightness and flexibility after the deep tissue massage to see if your joints, ligaments and tendons are able to execute yoga stretches.

Should your muscles and joints be tight, your massage therapist will continue with deep tissue. Your well-being is our utmost goal.

Which Type of Plantar Fasciitis do You Treat?

For PLANTAR FASCIITIS massage, please note: This condition has multiple causes – fascia and bone adhesion, heel spur, ankle weakness or tightness, achilles tendinitis, gastro muscle contraction, arthritic symptoms, tear and wear, poor circulation, etc.

At Exige Medi Spa, we focus on the fascia tightness that attaches itself to the bone, hence the treatment plan mandates for a pulling action which is accomplished through suction (Cupping) vs a push massage action of the arch, as well as the ankles.

Cupping – although cups will naturally fall due to the extremely uneveness of the foot’s surface, rest assured the PULL motion is serving it’s purpose and helping to release this adhesion. So don’t be alarmed when the cups fall as it is completely normal and expected. Your therapist will simply put them back on throughout the treatment.

NOTE: There will be skin discoloration left due to the vacuum effect of the cupping – stimulating blood circulation to very low blood flow areas will leave various degrees of redness in the area (individual results vary). Effectiveness is based on what causes your condition. This is an effective approach for addressing plantar fasciitis for adhesion of fascia. 

What is my Foot Massage Claimable Under?

Foot massage , Chinese and  Thai foot massage, please note these treatments are performed by a fully registered massage therapists (R.M.T), therefore billed and claimable under massage therapy health benefit and not under reflexology.

picture of gift certificate on small table

I Received a Gift Certificate - What Now?

GIFT CERTIFICATE – We honor the name on the Gift Certificate. Please bring a government-issued picture ID (drivers license).

 Gift certificate is non refundable, non transferable, has no cash value, is not insurance eligible, and cannot be combined with any other offer. 

Any unused amount remaining will be carried forward and applied to your next booking *Invoices will be issued and payment method will indicate Gift Certificate.

It is up to your insurance provider/carrier to decide whether massage payment method is claimable towards your health coverage.

Each insurance carrier set their own guidelines as to what is claimable when it comes to GC, we have no control over the decision.

Industry Standard Cancellation Policy

We require 24hr cancellation notice – otherwise, the full “fee for service” will be applied. We do not overbook and reserve your timeslot for you exclusively. Should you need to reschedule or cancel. Contact us  as soon as possible.

Your therapist is prepared and committed to serving you and just you at the agreed time. Please honor your appointment.

We look forward to serving you. Please text or call us at (403) 918-8936 should you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Exige Team

Exige Medi Spa