A great stretch marks solution!

Picture of stretchmarks on waistHere is an effective trick I learned in the modeling industry, this tip will visibly help reduce the signs of stretch marks.  I always do this before I step on stage. hit the runway, or whenever I find one! This method is most effective when done before the stretch mark(s) darken (becomes permanent).

So don’t delay and deal with them straightaway, spring is just around the corner!

Boys you might be interested to know this method is also effective for dealing with those unwanted skin tears, right where the pectoral muscles ties into the shoulders. The key is to deal with the issue as soon as possible (before the damage turns into a permanent scar).

Grind a handful of coffee beans into fine texture then add 3 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.  Now mix the concoction thoroughly.

picture of coffee beans

Picture of ground coffee beans

Picture of virgin coconut oil







Give yourself a treat and soak in hot bath. The hot water will actually promotes increased circulation and brings blood flow and Qi to the area.

Picture of bathtub filled with hot water






Picture of 3 Loofahs

Scrub the area using a loofah or face towel. This removes dead skin and reveals newskin cells to the surface.







Note: The caffeine in coffee acts as an astringent and reduces the stretch marks. The coconut oil will add nutrients and moisture back to the new skin, preventing wrinkling and sagging of skin.

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