Ginseng benefits

Image of Ginseng Root - Ginseng BenefitsAre you looking for a natural workout stimulant? Ginseng is your answer!

It has also been known to help lose weight, ease menstrual cramps and lessen symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Chinese Medicine has been using ginseng for hundred of years for due to it’s potency and an active ingredient known as adaptogen. Adaptogen helps restore and heal without side effects.

Ginseng benefits also include increased endurance and stamina with faster recovery time and is proven to be effective against mental and physical stress.

Start at a low dosage and slowly increase your intake. Signs that you are taking too high a dosage are headaches and the inability to sit still or sleep.

John Matura
Columbus, OH results after being on ginseng for a month.

August 26Sept 26Change
Weight196173-23 pounds
Blood Pressure145/95120/78-25/17
Resting Heart Rate95 bpm68 bpm-27 bpm
Aerobic Heart Rate115 bpm136 bpm+21 bpm
Cholesterol355244-111 points

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