Find out how to boost productivity over a 12 hour span, increase weight loss by 30%, and cure depression by 70%

Boost Productivity

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EXIGE MEDI SPA is more then a feel good health and wellness center. Although we embrace mind, body, soul, we also understand the hectic schedules of professionals today.

Employers are continuously looking for ways to boost productivity with the objective of maximizing every employee on payroll. Your boss knows if you take better care of yourself, are in better shape and live a healthier life style that it ultimately leads to better bottom lines.

Our services could very well help supercharge your productivity. A study shows, on average employees start checking work emails at 7:42am and stops at 7:19pm. Exige provides a zen environment for you to relax but we also allow you to stay connected thanks to access to Wi-Fi exclusively for you. You can still access clouds, send and receive emails and work remotely.  Each station has its own plug in for your laptop and cell phone charger, you can still go on about your work day while recharging your body!

Exige can help you lose weight by 30%.  Did you know? Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than any other life stressor – more so than even financial problems or family problems. – St. Paul Fire and Marine Innsuance Co.

Why is stress an issue you might ask? Stress increases cortisol production in you, over time you’ll experience unwanted weight gain around the mid section. Not only that, this type of weight is resistant to dieting and cardiovascular training.  Acupressure and body massage can help decrease cortisol production by 30%.  At Exige, we combine science and ten years of experience to give you a one of a kind acupressure and body massage.

Exige can help with depression. Fourty seven patients randomly assigned to 2 depression groups. After 5 weeks, 70% of acupuncture group were deemed cured or markedly improved verses 65% for medication group. (Luo et al, 1985) Acupuncture stimulates production of endorphins and takes as little as fifteen minutes.

Dr. Amanda Diep brings to Exige decades of clinical knowledge combined with a multi degree background to tend to your acupuncture needs.

Ask yourself: What is your mutual fund rate of return? What is the bank offering you for your savings? Can your portfolio give you a 30%… 70% return? At EXIGE MEDI SPA, we manage your health and wellness with acupressure, body massage and acupuncture to ensure positive results and ultimately your health success.

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