Stretch Marks Solution

A great stretch marks solution! Here is an effective trick I learned in the modeling industry, this tip will visibly help reduce the signs of stretch marks.  I always do this before I step on stage. hit the runway, or whenever I find one! This method is most effective when done before the stretch mark(s) […]

Boost productivity!

Find out how to boost productivity over a 12 hour span, increase weight loss by 30%, and cure depression by 70% Boost Productivity EXIGE MEDI SPA is more then a feel good health and wellness center. Although we embrace mind, body, soul, we also understand the hectic schedules of professionals today. Employers are continuously looking […]

Good Old Ginseng!

Ginseng benefits Are you looking for a natural workout stimulant? Ginseng is your answer! It has also been known to help lose weight, ease menstrual cramps and lessen symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Chinese Medicine has been using ginseng for hundred of years for due to it’s potency and an active ingredient known as adaptogen. Adaptogen […]

Goji Power!

Goji berries With summer being upon us, let’s enjoy the fruits and vegetables Mother Nature created for us. One of the most potent and delicious fruit available to us are Goji berries. They can be sprinkled on your salads or added to your soup.

Weight Training for Women

Weight training for women “Weight training for women can be scary and challenging at times, so I shy away from it. I don’t want to get bulky and end up looking like a man. Please help Doc…What is a girl to do?” I get a lot of questions from women on this subject…Here’s my take […]