Traditional Chinese Medicine and what to look for in an acupuncturist

Do your due diligence before embarking on your journey towards natural healing. 1) What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a natural healing modality for effectively treating many different ailments with minimal to no side effects. Unlike allopathic medicine, which isolates the disease, Traditional Chinese Medicine views a person as an energy system in which the body […]

Revolution – Save the human race

My personal guarantee Watch Revolution – Save the human race, it’s an incredible documentary! If you don’t see the value in Rob Stewart’s message, or if you don’t believe we are in a crisis or if you didn’t even enjoy it, bring your ticket to Exige and I will gladly refund it for you! Rob […]

Metabolism Gets Weekend Off Too?

Metabolism Gets Weekend Off Too? It’s the weekend! But does your body need a break from eating clean and training all week? Yes it does friends… but don’t over do it.