Metabolism Gets Weekend Off Too?

It’s the weekend! But does your body need a break from eating clean and training all week? Yes it does friends… but don’t over do it.

French ToastBanana Bread

Sausage Casseroles






To maximize your chances of burning all those empty calories, best to treat yourself first thing in the morning. What can you have you ask? Just about anything, this is your weekend where just about anything goes. So really treat yourselves, whether it be French Toast, Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Sausage Casseroles, Eggs and Bacon…

Steak & Eggs photo
Eating this much calories first thing will rev your metabolism from a long night of sleep, but you’ll have the entire day to burn it off. Just make sure you don’t spend your day on the couch!!!
Stop Watch photo
As far as training is considered, do 12 minutes of interval training, HIIT or Tabata are greatchoices. That’s about it… Just 12 minutes to kick start your metabolism and start burning FAT off.



HIIT Training photo
I just finished my 12 minutes of stairs and now looking I can’t wait to sink to my teeth into my steak and eggs before heading off to Exige for the day.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!